Holy Bible and Family Bible Repair

As Auckland’s trusted book restorers,

​‘The Bookbindery’ repairs a lot of Bibles

The Bibles repaired at The Bookbindery range from very old Bibles to almost new Bibles that haven’t lasted.
The copied pages shown here, are from one of the oldest Bibles we have worked on. It is a 1589 Bible - that is, this Bible was printed 22 years before the first King James Bible (also know as the Authorised Version) was printed! Other old Bibles with before and after pictures are shown further down the page (please scroll down the page).

​Family Bibles

Family Bibles are now really treasured, even by very secular families. However they are often in very poor condition - so we repair a lot of them. At The Bookbindery, we can do a lot to restore Family Bibles, so that they can hold ‘pride of place’ for each family - just as they did for the initial owners. Examples are shown below (scroll down this page).

Modern Bibles

We also repair and rebind a lot of more modern Bibles. See the examples below (scroll down this page). Where rebinding is the more appropriate option, Bibles used every day can be rebound in either bookbinding materials or leather. We can title the spine and cover, too.

You too, can have your Bibles repaired properly!

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If you want to see other books that we have worked on see Repairs to Old, Rare and Valuable Books and General Book Repair. On many of our many of the Book Repair pages you can see how damaged pages have been repaired, but visiting Document Repair may also help to show what results can be achieved. As an added protection or as an attractive alternative to repair we also manufacture protective storage boxes see Protective Boxes and Cases.