Document Repair (including Dust Jacket Repair and Page Repair)

Repair and Conservation of valued Manuscripts, Parchments,
Papers and Documents.

We are often asked to repair items that aren't "proper" books. Where we can help we are glad to.Lodge Document (Vellum) - 1866 - before repair at The Bookbindery
One area where we do have special expertise is in paper repair and protection. So, in addition to mending damaged book pages, maps, charts, certificates, and other documents and papers are often repaired at The Bookbindery. We can provide further protection too, by encapsulation and removable protective covers.

Dust jackets frequently have significant value (aesthetic and monetary), and as they often require similar work to other documents, we have included them here too.

Page repair work is included in the work shown on many book repair pages. (See links at the bottom of page). However for some books this is the main repair work needed - so we have included some photos of this in the gallery below, too.

While some severe damage may not be able to be remedied, other damage will respond remarkably well. Water and fire damage are two areas where this particularly applies. What can be done with water damaged papers depends a lot on the composition of the paper. Amazingly good results can be achieved with some papers, but with others very little can be done. Especially with water damage it is a good idea to contact us as soon as the damage is discovered. Papers that have been charred in a fire can sometimes be beyond restoration. Smoke damage can often be removed from book pages and papers, but it is slow work.


You too, can have your precious documents repaired properly!

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​On many of our many of the 'Book Repair' pages you can see how damaged pages have been repaired, so visiting Holy Bible and Family Bible Repair or Repairs to Old, Rare and Valuable Books or General Book Repair may also help to show what results can be achieved. We can also manufacture protective storage boxes,​ see Protective Boxes and Cases, which are useful for groups of unbound papers.