About 'The Bookbindery'

Since 1979,
owned and operated in Auckland, by the same local family.

Preserving, Protecting and Presenting Items New Zealanders Treasure



‘The Bookbindery’ was started in 1979. However our family’s association with bookbinding and book repair started decades before this.

From 1979 till 1989, the small business was run from buildings at our family’s home. However, these became too small, and after much searching we located the 2-storied shop shown below. We have been here ever since! Once again, even with using all the available space on both floors for machinery, it is really too small, but we are loathe to move again, as valuing the central location.

The background to this picture is a collage of photos, showing just a few of the many machines, tools, work tables, etc used at The Bookbindery. Some staff members of The Bookbindery are also visible.


Our speciality is making small numbers of fine hard-covered books and the repairing/restoring of damaged books. This includes foil stamping and blind embossing (actually debossing - but embossing is what most people seem to call it!). We do much more than this; we also have the expertise to manufacture soft-covered volumes, all sorts of special folders - from ring binders to brass-post binders, and numerous styles of protective and display boxes. So our work covers everything from thesis binding to special menu covers, and from one-off product display boxes to library binding. To learn more about our high quality work, see ‘Our Services’.


Our online store is quite new, so at this stage we admit that we don’t have a huge range. However, if we find that it is popular we certainly have in mind to expand it. Let us know if you have any good ideas for us or if you are after something that you think we might know about -  ‘contact us’. You will find that what we do have is rather unique and that the items are great for gifts.

What we do sell:

  • The SMART Book Repair Kit
  • High-quality, Italian-made Notebooks / Journals - we can personalise these, too - which makes them a great gift.
  • Printed Marble Papers

Click HERE to visit our store.


Pretty much anyone worldwide! We do insist that a few terms are complied with (see ‘terms and conditions’), but as long as you are in accord with them and you are willing to use the ordinary postal system, (or couriers, at our discretion) then books and items from our online shop can be sent pretty much anywhere.


The Bookbindery shop. Located at 52b Parau Street, Mount Roskill, Auckland 1041. Parau Street is off Mount Albert Road at one end and Landscape Road at the other. The shops are on the corner of Parau Street and Fearon Avenue.
Our shop, is located at 52B Parau Street, Mount Roskill, Auckland. We normally give the address as Cnr Parau Street and Fearon Avenue though, because the street numbers are a bit confusing and yet it is very easy to see the shops on the corner of these two streets. All the rest of both streets are residential, so the shops are quite obvious.

Parau Street is in a central location, it is often described as Three Kings area. The old council boroughs of Mt Eden and Mt Roskill met partway down Parau Street. The location has the advantage of being relatively close to central Auckland city, but also close to the Dominion Rd exit from the State Highway 20 motorway.

The usual opening hours at ‘The Bookbindery’ are 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday and on public holidays. As a family business, on very rare occasions we have had to be closed during ordinary business hours. To avoid any inconvenience you can make an ‘appointment' or 'become a friend' of The Bookbindery.