SMART Book Repair Kit

“making books smart ...”


​The purpose of the SMART book repair kit is to allow you to save and retain damaged books, that would otherwise need to be thrown away, replaced or left unused.

The SMART book repair kit contains the advice, materials and equipment needed. Also, note that there is plenty of each product provided, so that you can repair numerous books.

​This kit is useful for mending ripped or torn pages, inserting a page that has come loose, taping damaged book spines and much more.

​The SMART book repair kit contains:

  • Easy-To-Follow Instructions
  • ​75mm Repair Tape
  • 25mm Strengthening Tape
  • 12mm Page Mending Tape
  • x2 SMART Glue Tubes
  • Scissors
  • Small Bone Folder
  • Microfibre Cleaning Cloth


See what our customers say:

"Sometime ago, I bought a fabulous SMART Book Repair Kit and have found it a wonderful tool. My Kit has been used to repair much loved grandchildren's books!  And is useful to have should any of my own books need repair. I appreciate the real professional look and strength of materials used in each mended book."



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