Leather Binding

The luxury combination of genuine leather

& The Bookbindery's craftsmanship

We often bind 'special' books in leather. Leather binding provides a volume with a distinctive, luxury look, especially when the binding has been done at The Bookbindery. In addition, many people prefer the softness of genuine leather. Both new books and old books being rebound can suit leather - it has, what is often called a "timeless, classic look". Our leather bindings can be elaborately tooled and beautifully decorated, but sometimes people prefer a very simple leather binding, too. At The Bookbindery, we take the time to ascertain the style you have in mind, and work using those guidelines.

Binding in leather is generally more expensive than binding in bookbinding materials. Suitable leather not only would normally cost more, it also requires extra preparation work (that just isn't needed with bookbinding materials). Genuine leather should never be confused with bonded leather. Bonded leather is made with scraps of leather molded together - it can look really good and using it is much more like a bookbinding material, however the quality is often low and so we don't use bonded leather unless somebody specially requests (or supplies) it.

You too, can have your books beautifully bound in leather:

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