Individual and Company Personalisation

Readymade books (and other items) made more

beautiful and useful - by The Bookbindery - through

individual naming or company branding

​Personalisation (or personalization) of a gift, makes that gift so much more special for the recipient. It also reduces the likelihood of loss - as ownership is obvious. Name Cards - useful at events, from conferences to birthday parties!

Normally the style of titling we would use is either foiling or debossing. Foiling is also called gold blocking though actually the foil colour can be silver, black, etc as well as gold. The surface does affect what foils are suitable, though, and gold is generally the best one. Debossing often gets called engraving or embossing. New diaries, Bibles, hymn books, note books, sketch pads, photo albums and other volumes are regularly titled using these processes at ‘The Bookbindery’. The amount of wording is up to you - it can be from just someone's initials, to a logo, or even (if the amount of room is suitable) it can be quite a long message.

We can title from single items up to large quantities.

Personalisation is often possible on other items too. Wallets, bags, compendiums and other leather goods are often personalised by us. Some iPhone cases and other similar cases can also have a name added to them. Do discuss anything that looks different or difficult with us, as a item with a very hard surface or with lots of layers or with a very spongy surface may be more difficult.

In a situation where lettering direct to the object is difficult we can even custom make beautiful title pieces which we can attach to your book or object.

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